Saga of meteor watching

1 a.m.
“Let’s go to Jeanne-Mance Park, Reservoir is too dark and scary.”

15 minutes later
“Ok, so let’s see, that’s the dipper, so that’s the North Star, so the meteor shower is expected there.”
“Oh I didn’t do that much research, I thought the entire sky would be invaded by meteors.”
“I remember there was an app to spot the North star, let me find that.”

30 minutes later
“…’….if airplanes were like shooting stars’, How does this song start?”
“I don’t like this song, it talks about wishing on shooting stars, seriously you are an adult, grow up”

45 minutes later
“Is that a meteor?”
“Naaaah, it’s an airplane, it’s moving very steadily.”
“But it’s so far away.”
“Yeah, definitely not flying in or out of Montreal.”
“You are right, it’s moving at a constant speed, can’t be a comet.”
“Stupid science, ruining magic for us.”
“We came too early, the website said peak time is between 2 and 4.”
“Damn, did I already finish my wine? Where’s the bottle?”

55 minutes later
“Ok guys, 5 minutes to 2.”
“Dude it’s a meteor shower, it’s not like there will be fireworks all over the sky once it hits 2.”
“But that’s how it happens in Hollywood.”
“I should have worn socks.”
“We should have brought scarves.”
“Just cover yourself with this.”
“What? With a damp cloth?”
“Hey, it matters.”

1 hour, 10 minutes later
“…..that guy only looks good with wrinkles
“What? What? Where? Where? I don’t see anything.”
“It was there.”
“What? I was looking at the app to spot the North Star.”
“Ok NOW I am going to lie down and just look at the sky.”

1 hour, 12 minutes later
“The ground is way too cold. I can’t have that much skin touching the ground, I’ll want to pee soon….told ya, we should have gone to the reservoir so we could run to campus in case of emergencies”

1 hour, 20 minutes later
“We all just want blankets right now.”
“Next time I am going to wear snowpants.”
“Might as well put that sleeping bag to use.”

1 hour , 30 minutes later
“Did anyone see that”
“Is that an airplane?”

1 hour, 40 minutes later
“I was expecting a firework of meteors.”
“Stupid media, exaggerating everything always.”
“If they show this in movies no one would bother staying up.”

1 hour, 50 minutes later
“I forgot to make a wish”

2 hours later
“Hmmmmm that looks like an airplane.”
“Mannnnn, the government should ban flights on meteor shower days.”

2 hours and 17 minutes later
“I want to pee.”
“I am ready to leave.”
“My shoes are so wet.”





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