One of the most annoying things these days is following debates on Bilawal Zardari Bhutto and coming across something like “He’s not a Bhutto, he’s a Zardari”. It’s hard to believe these urban, English-speaking, self acclaimed progressive people who can’t stop debating for freedom of choice on issues like the Veena Malik scandal think like this. Even a basic biology lesson off the Internet can clarify that genetically a human being is as much a descendant of their mother as father. Adopting father’s last name and thus having an explicit reference to his family name is a convention; it does not mean that ‘ blood lineage’ halts at an XX pair of chromosomes.  What’s the point of passing women’s rights bills when the root problem is still unperturbed? When we are still convinced that a woman is merely a breeding tool so a man’s lineage can continue. Domestic abuse, honour killings, denying women basic human rights is all intricately related, and at the centre of it lies the core question of, I dare say, our beliefs on the relation of a woman to a man.

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