I hate ordering stuff

I hate ordering stuff. My supervisor will casually issue a directive with a blithe sway of an arm to just order ‘that’. And what follows is nothing less than a Bourne Identity thriller for me.

–       I sit in front of my computer determined to learn everything there is to know about ‘that’, looking at what xy and yz company have to offer and making a decision in an hour.

–       Two hours later I have 17 tabs open in one window with a variety of products offered by xy, yz and xz companies and I don’t think I still have a grasp of what the difference is between the 33 different species of ‘that’, let alone have an idea of what I want.

–       Frustrated I shut off all the tabs.

–       And start searching again.

–       And then I give up.

–       A week later my supervisor will guilt me into being lazy and not ordering.

–       Taking on a different strategy I call up the respective companies. The bad company person sends the information to a non-existent email address, and once I do receive the intended information it’s a brochure which I can’t make sense out of in the first place hence the 17 tabs on my window. The good company messes up my name (no wonder the other guy had issues with my email id)

–       So now I am staring at the quotes trying to optimize functionality and cost (wait: am I even supposed to worry about how much it costs?)

–       The brochure is finally making some sense to me. Now I know what I want but do they have it?

–       OK so I have options with their features and costs. Let’s hope my supervisor agrees to one of them next week *fingers crossed*

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