Change begins this moment

I can’t count the number of times I have said I’ll catch up and organize my school work on the long weekend or work out routine starts tomorrow or I’ll start watching my diet starting next Monday.

I should really finish that painting that I started 3 weeks ago or the colours will dry away; and I should start that quilling project or not waste an hour every day looking at quilling patterns on the web.

I should clean up my hard disk …. soon.

I can use a new haircut and maybe a manicure too. I am getting old; I really need to start taking care of myself more.

I finished that book some four months ago. Does reading still count as my hobby?

I need to make a list of clubs that I would like to join next term.  If I don’t get proactive in meeting people now I’ll regret it later.

Thousands if not millions of such thoughts whisk through my mind every second. Some are placeholders as I like to call them – merely there to make me procrastinate on my work, some are just momentarily spurs, while most of them, which I have successfully immunized myself against are things I feel guilty for avoiding, yet continue to do so.

As much as I would like to wake up one morning and find out my room look like a picturesque scene from Pinterest, my parents for once happy with me, and my life in order, I know it won’t happen. I have to put in the effort and the moment to start is now. If I forever wait for one hectic month to be over, the second vacation to pass, my life will remain in a wish-to-do/schedule-after-bla/skip-this-week-because-too-busy cycle. Hell I shouldn’t even call it a cycle – those suggest some sort of harmony – it’s more like a roller coaster ride under the gravitational influence of apathetic laziness!

Keeping my hand from picking that second cookie; reading a paragraph from that novel while waiting for laundry; making a quick sketch before putting my pencil down after finishing homework – these are insignificant tasks, not worthy enough to have a blocked slot in my calendar, yet they make a difference. Albeit minute these are steps towards making me the person I want to be. And it’s this rather callous attitude which makes their integration into daily routine easier. Rather than a task that I need to mentally prepare myself for and analyze and over-analyze the execution and results of, it’s easier to let tiny things slide into tiny pockets of free time I have and then let them make space in my life.

So, right after I post this I am going to start another blog and finish it  before heading to bed the day after tomorrow (a flight tomorrow is a good excuse for not finishing it tomorrow, isn’t it?)

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