What I didn’t hate until December 2010

I realized I have grown more cynical than ever over the last year. So I decided to compile a list of what I started hating in the last 12 months.

1)   Motivational quotes: Yes I know ‘The one who loves me won’t make me cry and the one who doesn’t isn’t worth my tears’ but I am a human being, and I have this weird brain where electric impluses somehow make my heart thump and what happens after that can’t really be explained by logic.  So if I have made too many friends to make myself happy that is precisely because I can’t find the few who would appreciate me.

2)   Excessively ‘touched’ pictures: Photography seems to be the new in thing. And while I realize graphics software are there to get rid of blemishes to give you some control over stuff, go slow man. Seriously take, a roll of toilet paper  with a random car in the background,  blur the background, sharpen the toilet paper and voila, you have a masterpiece!

3)   Air travel: Air travel was never in my good books but being stranded 38000 ft above the ground for fifteen straight hours was sheer torture. Connections are so much better even if that means wasting money on useless things and looking at the watch 8 times in less than a second.

4)   Scientific studies on health issues: This has two parts to it:

Findings on food items: “Heart patients should not eat eggs.” “Heart patients should only eat egg whites.” “Heart patients can eat whole eggs.” Go away and let me enjoy my life.

Conclusive studies: The best one I came across said something like infants who cry excessively have behavioral problems later as adults. Uhhhh isn’t excessive crying a behavioral problem? Are you that stupid?

5)   News: BIAS BIAS BIAS. That’s all there is to it. One day I want to wake up and find news presented in bullet points.

6)   Movies: While watching some movie in some month it dawned on me how fake it all is. The artistic element has become such a rarity. Most of the movies are showcases of technical effects. I have no idea how many retakes has that highest paid actor had. And to make it worse, to appear cool I even have to know what the wife of that highest paid actor wore yesterday. I am better off have adrenaline rushes watching football. (Disclaimer: Disney and Pixar are exceptions)

7)   Facebook. Need I say more?

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