Our president goes abroad for medical check-up

“President Zardari admitted in Dubai Hospital” –  this news is the primary headline of all the newspapers and news channels today. This is not the first time I am hearing of anyone rushing abroad for medical assistance. People who have the financial means often go out of Pakistan to more developed countries in case of critical health conditions because they don’t consider medical facilities and/or personnel in Pakistan up to the mark.


But this news itched me a bit. We are not talking about any xyz person or a famous businessman or industrialist who can afford a foreign hospital.


This is the president of Pakistan going to Dubai for medical check-up because he doesn’t trust ANY hospital/doctor in Pakistan to be competent enough to diagnose/treat him.


If I were allowed to make one change in the constitution it would be to make it mandatory for President/PM (I don’t want to get into political technicalities of who actually runs the affairs) to go to local government hospitals and for their children to be sent to government secondary schools. I know this is the point where I will be condemned for impinging on someone else’s freedom of choice. By choosing to live in a society human beings give up some of their liberties for the greater good. Why can’t the people who hold sway over the livelihood and development of a significant portion of people be charged with a higher level of commitment? The job delegated to the President/PM is not an ordinary one. They are entrusted with ensuring a healthy and thriving environment for the common people, the public, the awaam. And if they think that the schools and hospitals that the majority of the people use are not of a good standard, then action should be taken to change the system for the betterment of the people, and not say, oh well I can afford a better lifestyle, too bad if they can’t!

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