Pakistan or Pakistanis?

Two hours ago I was stuck in a traffic jam in Rawalpindi. Sitting in the taxi with no change of scene for half an hour I was getting angry and frustrated. I started complaining about the state of lawlessness in this country, the unnecessary honking, the multiple vehicle lanes on a 4-lane road, while my brain kept populating my mental list of ‘reasons I wouldn’t like to live in Pakistan’. As an avid patriot boastfully proud of the cultural heritage this soil bears, why people who go abroad find it difficult to come back and settle here became crystal clear to me all of a sudden. Pakistan is unbearable!

After what seemed like a century as the vehicle made it closer to the intersection the reason for the jam became apparent; the traffic lights were not functioning and there were no police personnel to regulate the flow of traffic.  A few individuals had taken it upon themselves to direct the traffic – rather poorly done nonetheless a much-appreciated effort. I also made some other observations: as much as those individuals were trying people were not paying much attention to them. The individual lifted his hand to a car indicating it to stop, but as any Pakistani would expect, it didn’t stop and so the stream of vehicles in its wake kept going, leaving the others bewildered and stuck. Drivers from all directions would then barge right into the intersection clearly not comprehending that was precisely the problem. If people were respectful and more accommodating the situation wouldn’t have been too bad.

As it was everyone was trying to keep driving. Amidst the mayhem someone from a car yelled at a taxi driver “tujhe bari jaldi hai har**i” (aren’t you in a hurry a**hole). I can bet that individual wouldn’t have said anything to a driver in a car. A dirty look and some mumbling would have been enough. I am waiting for the day when social standing wouldn’t be a factor in person-to-person dealings among Pakistanis.

Pakistan does not only refer to the 800,000 square-kilometre of terrestrial land. Pakistan refers to its people and their attributes, their relationships with each other and what they do and how they behave when away from their homeland.  I have yet to form an opinion on whether the current state of the Pakistan is the result of a top-to-down phenomenon sprouting from incompetent leadership, or the argument that even leaders are from the public itself and represent at-large attitudes is stronger.  But Pakistan has become unbearable because Pakistanis are losing human values – the society resembling a jungle inhabited by Homo sapiens.

One thought on “Pakistan or Pakistanis?

  1. This is what which shakes our patriotism and these are Pakistanis, who are unbearable not Pakistan. You are absolutely right, only a strong background is the thing which decides how to deal with others and how much respect some one deserves.
    You blame Incompetent leadership for the current state of the state while i think the basic factor causing this anarchy is the people living in our society as they have closed their eyes and waiting for some miracle. They love to live in a society not only losing moral values but having no justice, respect, discipline etc… because they want others to do something for them. They are blind followers and emotional fools who make such persons to come again and again and again in leadership whom they have tried many times and each time their representatives cheat them but still they love to be fooled by them.
    My dear you even wait till the Dooms day, nothing can be changed cause we are not ready to change ourselves and now have become habitual of this type of setup which is even worse than a jungle. The animals must have some rules to live life but we don’t, they must have love,respect and care for each other and we are unaware of all these feelings.Soon we will be known as “Animals”(if animals don’t mind) rather than “Social Animals”
    The need is not to discuss these issues on different forums but also to find out some solutions for these problems.Being Pakistanis and avid patriot we must take some steps to overcome our social and political problems, if we don’t want to lose our identity.

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