n things to do on a Friday evening

I am going through the phase where insane weekly partying and hanging out among crowds is too exhaustive. My ideal Friday is something rather quiet yet fulfilling. So I decided to come up with a list of things that  others might like too!

1. Read a book that has been collecting dust. As simple as it sounds, one of my favourite activities is to delve into the book closet and look for an unread book. The more unfamiliar I am with the book and its existence, the more excited I become to find out what is it about.

2. Go to a bookstore. As a follow up to the previous point. I am a sucker for bookstores. The quiet and solemn environment, high book shelves, and hundreds and thousands of neatly categorized books always bring a smile on my face, and more than often I walk out with a gift for myself.

3. Cook. By cook here I don’t mean the daily rice and the curry. Having something out of the ordinary to eat is always pleasant; and if you go through the labour of preparing it, being careful with every minute detail and and intoxicating yourself with the aroma, the pleasure keeps multiplying. Better yet, have a friend join in and it will definitely be a memorable evening.

4. Go for a walk. Nothing beats this one. Whether it’s a quiet stroll in random alleys or along a main road, take some time to look at your surroundings and you’ll be surprised to see what you have never noticed.

5. Arts/Crafts: Remember that book that you got to become a pro at jewelry making/scrapbooking/paper art…yeah, take that out and work on something. Your creation will keep you happy for days :)

6. Go through old photographs: Looking at all those photographs which embarrass you every time your mom takes them out make a dull evening very cheerful.

7. Write a letter: Seems stupid and crazy? Do it! The more you talk to the person you decide to address the letter to the more fun you will have with it!

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