Justice for individuals

I watched ‘No one killed Jessica’ a couple weeks ago. I am probably going to upset a lot of people but I didn’t like it that much. It was kind of predictable and not inciting since there are way too many movies on similar issues/stories. The movie showed how the son of a politician, who killed a female bartender, got released since his father bought the majority of the witnesses, and fabricated the lab reports by using money and power. Then a famous righteous journalist, who refused to cover the story when the case first started, was shocked by the verdict of the seemingly straightforward case and brought the truth forward through the news channel using unethical ways for a greater cause. Then followed a public uprising and awakening which, needless to say, forced the High Court to reopen the case and the murderer was finally convicted.

Feeling bad because someone’s cruel death doesn’t move me I started to look for reasons to like it. My only consolation was that the victim’s family eventually got justice. But is that enough? What was the movie trying to prove? It showed an instance of injustice which was finally corrected by events you can’t reasonably expect to happen every time someone is wronged. Events where power, money, contacts hold sway are common occurrences in our society too. Do you think every time something like this happens, someone should take it upon themselves to figure out ways to reveal the truth to the masses? Or that the public should have to react to bring justice to someone? It wouldn’t take too long for the society to become apathetic if people have to march on roads every time they perceive an unfair practice.

What we need is the rule of the law to be supreme over everything else. And if anything, such events should be the impetus to uncover the underlying problems and fix them! By just dealing with the problem at hand and not digging deep enough we aren’t really learning our lesson from the crisis.

This will probably sound like a far stretch to a lot of people but this reminds me of the lawyer’s movement and the long march. In my opinion the decision to call off the march once the President had announced that Chaudhary Iftikhar will be reinstated, was a mistake. The problem only was not that the judge had been unlawfully dismissed; the problem was that the government (read government and not any particular political party or individual) shouldn’t take decisions on their free will guided by personal interests. But that’s exactly what happened with the President’s announcement itself; he did it to save his seat and not the judiciary!

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