My Zodiac sign changed…..who cares? Oh I should?

As a teen I remember getting excited over what my zodiac sign has to say about my future – here future means when will I get married and how many kids will I have. Eight years later with trivia such as school and future I could care less about the sudden change in my zodiac sign. However, I was shocked at how seriously people actually take this kind of frivolous stuff. And so I decided to compare what my ex and new zodiac signs expect my 22-year-old personality to be.

Cancer Gemini
Loyalty Energetic
Dependable Clever
Caring Imaginative
Adaptable Witty
Responsive Adaptable
Moody Superficial
Clingy Impulsive
Self-pitying Restless
Oversensitive Devious
Self-absorbed Indecisive

Source: (the reliability of this source is inversely proportional to how much you care about its reliability)

My analysis tells me that I am 50% of each of the two zodiac signs; so I was 50% of a zodiac sign that didn’t have any astrological implications for me a week ago! And I am pretty sure if out of boredom I was to map my personality against what every zodiac sign predicts there will be significant amount of similarities. And if it were otherwise, i.e., if every person had exactly the personality as predicted by their respective zodiac sign, the world only has 13 types of people and the psychology academia should quit and start smoking pot.

On the bright side, an acquaintance thought I was a Gemini and presented me with a fancy zodiac sign table decoration. (Such things make perfect gifts for distant people whose birthday you don’t bother to remember) which I can now display with pride as a newly crowned Gemini!

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