An Ashamed Pakistani

Today, I am ashamed of being a Pakistani.

In the face of military dictatorship, the Seige of Lal-Masjid, Pakistan’s expulsion from the Commonwealth of Nations, the increasingly miserable state of the poor, suicide bombings, drone attacks, and countless other incidents I had called myself a proud Pakistani; the pride rooted in a faith in the people of Pakistan who want to see things changed and will fight for them. In the wake of the murder of Salman Taseer, by his own security guard, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, due to the former’s criticism of the blasphemy law, the number of people praising the murderer’s actions, admiring him as a hero and an exemplary figure to be followed, is painting a horrendous picture of the future Pakistan.

Today, I have lost all hope for the betterment of this country whose inhabitants have ceased to be human beings.

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One thought on “An Ashamed Pakistani

  1. We don’t have to give up, we have to stand together against the Mullah, we need to start realizing we don’t need anyone to ‘dictate’ to us what our religion is. If we stand together, we do have a chance of changing things for ourselves, most importantly for Pakistan.

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